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Official 2014 Trip dates

Will Be announced very SOON!!!!

Discounted BareAss Buccaneer Rates will be published As soon as the dates are announced !


The BareAss Buccaneers

Invite you to

Grab yerself a Bonny Wench,

or the Cabin Boy with the most

pronounced lisp, for tis



Like a PIRATE Week


Hedonism 2

The Captain has loved Pirates for as long as she remember and even named her dog after a Pirate (Gaspar), He is of course our Mascot! We also live in sunny Tampa Bay, Home of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Gasparilla Pirate Festival, we are surrounded by Pirates, so it was a natural choice. We decided to call this Crazy Krewe


The BareAss Buccaneers

(naked pirates how perfect).

Now all I need to do is get our friends on board! Some groups start and the member's just sort of follow as they hear about the group or the discounts available.

The BareAss Buccaneers started with the idea that we want our travel friends from the last couple years to be on board from the start, I mean whats a Captain without a Krewe! I emailed the idea and called a few and not everyone was thrilled with the idea, they either hated pirates (Mutiny) or they had a bad experience with a group before. There was one exception and that was my First Mate Snake. He loved the idea and had the knowledge of how groups work and was thrilled to start a group with the Captain. He even created our web site and has been our go to guy right from the start!

From there we designed a logo and flag, brought all our Hedo friends on board, and decided on the Maiden Voyage trip dates and the Invasions began!

We have a Core Krewe Council that we round table with each year to decide on upcoming events and Krewe Business. Most of these Krewe members have been with the Buccaneers since the start, and they have been instrumental in the group becoming what it is today! You guys know who you are and we thank you from the bottom of our tiny black pirate hearts for all you have done and continue to do!


Captain Pam

Jake the Snake &

The BareAss Buccaneer Krewe





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